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Cars Do Not Blow Up

07/08/2013 22:36

The Census Bureau released a report in February of 2012 entitled “Field of Bachelor’s Degree in the United States: 2009.” According to this report, which can be downloaded here, for the first time the Census Bureau gathered survey data to make “estimates of fields of bachelor’s degrees by demographic characteristics including age, sex, race, Hispanic origin, nativity, and educational attainment.”

After correcting for the dubious categorization of some disciplines as science—social science, really?—this report suggests that approximately 5% of the adult population of the US has bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering (11 million of 204 million adults). One might be tempted then to conclude that about 5% of the adult population has acquired considerable knowledge of how the natural world works. (Implicit in this assertion is that the scientific education in the government dominated k through 12 education system doesn’t cut it. For some strange reason, we don’t feel compelled to elaborate on this point.) Our own personal experience in college and adult life tells us that although a scholar has received a degree from an institution of higher learning, may even have retained a significant percentage of the theory, facts and figures from those increasingly hazy four years, the conclusion that said scholar can be accurately described as having a scientific approach to the world is a bit of a stretch. Be that as it may, and adjusting for those amateurs among us who will at least somewhat correct for the professional nincompoops, let’s agree that 5% of the US population is scientifically minded.

Worded inversely, 95% of the adult population of the US does not have a scientific grounding in how the natural world works.

This is an utterly stunning statistic.

To paint a more accurate picture of our current situation, please note that the vast majority of adults, in addition to being scientifically illiterate, has been steeped in three assertions in their government school indoctrination:

  1. Science often appears contradictory, so that we can’t rely on our own senses and reasoning ability to understand the natural world,
  2. Since we don’t know any science, we must defer to official experts,
  3. Likely there’s no point in having scientific knowledge anyway, since there’s no such thing as objective truth—the post-modernist notion that may be summed up in the phrase, “It’s all relative.”

It’s truly a strange world we live in. Ours is a technology dominated culture, populated by people who don’t know how or why anything works. What a perfect set up for charlatans and sociopaths, and we surmise, Best Beloved, that is no accident. When a population is as ignorant and indoctrinated as ours, it will believe essentially anything an official or expert says, and the lies and manipulations are becoming ever more brazen and obvious. For example, it is perfectly normal for a new car to explode and burst into engulfing flames when it hits a tree.

We have been performing our own informal, car crash survey for years, ever since the environmentalists began floating the idea that the hydrogen powered car would be an excellent green alternative. When we mention that we don’t want to drive a hydrogen powered car for fear of explosions, every person answers that gasoline cars explode, too.

Why do people believe this? Their experience denies it. We have personally witnessed three significant accidents and have driven by the results of maybe a dozen more. In none of these cases were there fires or explosions. The cars certainly didn’t explode violently enough to project their engine blocks, weighing around 150 lbs, some 50 yards away. No one we know has ever seen a car crash leading to an immediate engulfing fire or explosion. It simply doesn't happen.

The only answer as to the source of this common misconception is Hollywood’s spectacular chase scenes, where every fender bender generates an inferno, coupled with scientific illiteracy. Amazingly, grown-up Americans confuse movies with real life. They really don’t know that chase scenes and car crashes fall into the category of special effects and that explosions require explosives.

So, let’s get this straight. This is not a Hollywood movie; this is real life; this is science and this is very serious for all of us. Michael Hastings' car was fitted with a bomb. We need no more evidence than the video of the car burning, the witnesses who said they heard or saw an explosion and the location of the expelled engine block relative to the fiery wreck. It doesn’t matter what the expert LAPD says.

Michael Hastings was murdered.


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Hastings' Body Cremated by Authorities against Family's Wishes

09/27/2013 N.B. This report was in error. The LA County Coroner did perform an autopsy. The main stream media headlines said that Hastings had methamphetamine in his body, which is also in error. This error was from an incomplete conclusion in the Coroner's report: "Toxicology report shows a small amount of amphetamine in the blood, consistent with possible intake of methamphetamine..." There are other possible sources of amphetamines, such as over the counter cold medication.

Los Angeles County Coroner Report on Michael Hastings

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