While we sleep, they get busy.


07/14/2013 21:30

Bubble Watching in California

It was a lovely, warm, fogless day in spring in the sleepy, little coastal town in southern California where we live. The night before, we had finally agreed that buying real estate in this bankrupt state is a mug’s game. The decision came in the wake of 18 months of searching for something,...
07/11/2013 21:32

Fortieth Day of Mourning

Amy called one day, crying uncontrollably. She was pregnant and, because she would be an “elderly mother” at the age of 35, she had been pressured into making the common error of subjecting herself to amniocentesis. The results devastated her. Her doctor told her that her baby had trisomy 18, also...
07/08/2013 22:36

Cars Do Not Blow Up

The Census Bureau released a report in February of 2012 entitled “Field of Bachelor’s Degree in the United States: 2009.” According to this report, which can be downloaded here, for the first time the Census Bureau gathered survey data to make “estimates of fields of bachelor’s degrees by...

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